Dec 29, 2013

Tutor group -- 1st semester (FBS)

Tutor 13 (D3)!
Wohoo~ my first tutor group, many experiences
Ainun, Vira (amei), --, Rofi, Sayang, Laras, Hadi, Ucay (abel), Wawa, 
Tika, Lulu, Tomsky (tommy)

Tutor A4!
Second tutor group, more stories~
Isep (oom), Dinu (bapak), Fadly (dede), Henky (eyang)
Lisbeth, Muthi, Devina (ibu), Farida, Rara, Lubna (kakak), Eja, -- (embryo)

Thank you, friends, my new family,
Hopefully our first UAS is better than last mid-test,
Allah, please help us :')


Medical student. 
Allah, it may be not easy, but Your help doesn't have a limit.
Please help me to make me be a long-life learner,
make me be a strong muslimah,
make me be a muslim physician,
and make my step always with You,

Thank you, Allah♥

Several days before UAS,
from lovely home, 
arigatou ne,


Nov 18, 2013

I just wanna say hi to this lovely blog :***
Sorry, I left you for a long time.
And please pray for me, hopefully I still writing here

With love, 


Aug 18, 2013


Allah... *speechless*
So many syuhada there. I really want to be one of them. Please help them, win them, Allah! I'm sorry I'm too weak, I just can help with du'aa, weak du'aa maybe. Because I'm not a good muslim. I just trying. Please help, Allah. Show the right is the right:)


for the first time I write here, 
in new place. 
A boarding for medical student.
from a window in my room.

Allah, forgive me, many sins and mistakes that I've done. Allah please forgive me.
Allah, thank you, so many happiness and comfort that You've given to me. Allah, thank you.

Allah, I feel so selfish now, I will live only with my friends, there's no family and I'm not in my parent's house. In the beginning, I really want to live alone without them, but now.........hem, you must be know it hehe :p

O I have a fear, but I think it's too selfish. I'm afraid I will be so tired about many tasks in collage and there's no one who help me, like in high school. O, so selfish! O Allah, make me wiser in my age, in your way. Make me be a true muslimah who has many benefits for Your creature. Allah, help me, just You who can help me because You're the only one, You hold my life.

Arigatou, Allah


Jul 23, 2013

The Failed Mission~

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakaatuh fellas! How's life? genki desu ka?
Hamdulillah if your life is amazing><

Hm, how about your Ramadhan kareem?
How about me? Before, I have a mission to deactivate my facebook account, but.. many things happen, so, I have to active-active-and reactive my account, O Allaaaaah~
First, I have to buy (online) a laptop, but.... It canceled.
Second, yesterday and several days ago, I got menses, so I didn't shalah and syaum:(
Then, I have to active in my medical school group in facebook.

But... I realize, that the real mission is I should reduce my time and my activity in social media or internet.
Bismillah~ Yosh! And I don't give up! Yeah~ I can start it again right now.

Allah... please help me. Thanks Allah~
Make me always with You



Jul 20, 2013

Bokutachi no Story

Demo saki ni yume misasete
Otogibanashi no naka no Princess
The dream ain’t over

Story - Monkey Majik

Jul 18, 2013

Allah, how a colorful life!

Allah, how a colorful life!

I.. I just can say syukr to You, Allah. I get many happiness now><
And I know, several times later, will be many challenges that I have to face it. Please make me istiqomah in Your line, with You until I die.

Allah, You know, I'm really weak, and sometimes maybe other people think I'm good, in fact? I'm so bad. So bad. Allah, just You, who can help me. Please help me.



Jun 12, 2013

New barakah.. 
This happiness.. I really hope it is a barakah, O Allah. 
Hamdulillah, hamdulillah, hamdulillaaaah. Masyaa Allah!>///<♥

Allahumma Aamiin.

May 27, 2013

MasyaAllah... Hamdulillah, hamdulillah, hamdulillah:)))) O Allah thank you for everything, you always make me happy. So many happiness in this world. I hope in Your Jannah too, O Allah!
For my friends, hope Allah changes to the better one:)))


Doumo arigatou gozaimasu O Allah,
fight on,


May 25, 2013

Beautiful little thing called "my life"

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakaatuh fellas! How's life? genki desu ka?
Hamdulillah if your life is beautiful... Um, me? Um, recently, I really feel so worst. I make many sins. But, everytime Allah always show me His kindness, masyaAllah... Thank you O Allah:))) Hope Allah always admonish us for our-every-mistakes before in aheerat. Now, I also really wanna be a true muslimah, good daughter, good sister and good friend. And I have a big hope to "pass away" in the best condition as mukminah. Syahid and husnul khaatimah. Allahumma aamiin.

Okay, so how about your national exam, huh? Hamdulillah... I really thank Allah to every-best-thing that Allah always give to me! Hamdulillaaah:) And hope there's no "an arrogant" in my heart. Aamiin, aamiin:) Yaa Allah, please help me~
This is also reminds me to 3-yrs-ago, in this blog I wrote about my result of national exam when I was in junior high school! O, the time felt so fast! SubahanAllah~

O Allah, I don't know anything, and You are the only one who know everything.. Give me the best from You, and show me the signs, please..

Arigatou, fight on!


May 13, 2013

There's a little thing that make you feel sad, and you focus on it. Then, you forget many happiness that you've gotten! Pathetic. Be happy, hamdulillah:))))))) Thanks Allah!

May 12, 2013

Just wanna share a beautiful du'aa:
"Allahumma laa tu aakhiznii mimmaa yaquulun, waj'alni khairan mimmaa yazunnuun waghfirlii khairan mimmaa laa ya'lamuun."

O Allah, don't make me worse than what-people-talked, and make me better than what-people-thought, and forgive me from what-people-do not know.

I don't know how people think about me, but, I really wanna say, I'm not as good as you think. And... I just wanna be a true muslimah and loved by my lord, Allah. Wallahu'alam. 



Apr 19, 2013

It's about...

I've passed it. No, no, no, finally we've passed it. Hamdulillah yaa Rabb:) I just wanna say it's totally different with the junior high school. I have no specific target for it, but, I still have a big hope to get the best. I also wanna pray for my country, for every chaos that happen now.

...And, Allah please forgive me, I know and I've realized that I've done many mistakes. Faghfirlii. 

...Thank You, O Allah! 
Hope you always admonish me for my every mistakes before in aheerat.

Arigatou, faito!


Mar 31, 2013

My PE for Craft!

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahamatullahi wabarakaatuh, fellas! How's life?
Hm, I wanna show you my bad "painting", I mean....... I do not do well for this exam, because I can't find any idea. Okay, just check it:)

 I can't find any idea for this. Contemporary painting. "Black Birdcage"
This painting shows us that "there are" some (unlucky) people who isolated in stranger's dreams, not their own dreams, they can't show and choose their own dreams. Can't find their colorful world. Sad, melancholy, pathetic.

I like this creation. The color and the pattern. I like to see this continously. I prefer like this than the contemporary one. This is painting for "kinds of Indonesian pattern". As I know, this is from Kalimantan. It's pretty awesome!:) Sorry, I crop that photo, I can't show myself here:p

D-14 toward NatExam,
Arigatou, faito!


It's hrd, y mst b knw it. I cn't hndl it. Pls hlp m, Ya Allah:(((((

Mar 25, 2013

How's your feeling when you got a bad news? 
feeling is goin' to be broken. Yes, as well. I feel it, now. 
Unpredictable. So many masks. SubhanAllah!

M? hv s mny mstks. Lt's rflctng. Fghfrl.

Mar 22, 2013


Hm........... New anime. Yeah, I mean, new anime for me. I just have finished this such cool anime.
the genre is mystery-detective, romance, and school life I think.
Just enjoy it~ The rate is lower than SAO, but it's pretty awesome, I think! :)
The main character is Oreki Houtarou, he's a very (very) lazy boy who don't want use his energy, absolutely. And he has a strange motto-_- But... when he decide to join club, literature club, many things happen. And, actually he is a talent boy with detective-ability. Hm, just watching~

Kawaii desu~

 Oreki-kun to Chii-chan

 Handcuffs yours! Hahaha

 paired by nature:p


cool&cute detectives

Hyouka. Ice cream. I scream.

Mar 21, 2013

After School Exam!

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi  wabarakaatuh~
Hello! Konnichiwa! How's life, fellas? Hamdulillah, hope we always say syukr to Allah :)

Now is a holiday for me!

Hamdulillaaaaaaaah, hope these 3 days are enough for me to refresh my brain and collect my spirit again!
Hamdulillah, School exam is over! ><
But, I'm really... yeah, disappointed with myself. I didn't study hard. So, I couldn't do exam well. O, so worst. Moreover in sundanese, like usual :((( I got very very worst score. Hm... just tawakkalna'alallah. This is just one of exam in this world. *But still fighting because Allah!* And... another bad news is... many students are cheating, subhanAllah. O Allah, You know everything, please give the best to us, me and my best friend who didn't cheat. Allahumma aamiin.

I learned many things, and recently, I found some-things weird an it disturbs my feeling. O Allah, help me, please.

Looking for help.


Mar 10, 2013

Just hoping to Allah

...and if someone who likes you is someone who you like, 

are you sure he/she is someone that Allah sent to you?

 don't put any hope to anyone, except Allah.

Mar 5, 2013

Come back (again)

I think it's over.
Not yet. It has yet finished.

I make a new mistake.

And... also, suddenly, "a strange news" comes to me. 
O, no! I hope it didn't happen.
It must be a secret.

O Allah, I just wanna ask to You,
please help me, Yaa Rabb!
I wanna keep my honor and my feeling  (as an ordinary girl)
for You, InsyaAllah.
Help me, please.



Feb 22, 2013

Papa Please Papa

"Papa, sorry Papa, I'm very sorry Papa,... Papa please I'm sorry Papa..." said a boy

Guess what? What's movie? Yep, Taree Zameen Par. I very very like this movie, a movie from Aamir Khan. I've watched it twice (once with my classmates and finally we call this movie "Papa Please Papa" :p), but I never bored. Even, every scene makes me cry :') I suggest you to watch it. It's indian movie, but it's not bollywood I think, this is very cool! Really awesome and too amazing! I like Ishaan Awasthi. He's so cute. Good acting for his age (Darsheel Safary). You can read the synopsis and get more information here -->



Real Teenager Book

Tadaaaaaa~ Usually, I never wanna buy any book, why? A simple reason: I prefer borrow than buy *hehehe
But, this book is full color and many friends wanna read it, so when I came to Islamic Book Fair (IBF), I bought it, I hope it will give my friends benefit. Aamiin.

This is the book, for ya my Indonesian friends, just read it (I mean buy it first, then read it :p)



Guys, hi, you've known what i mean. PE.
PE = Practice Examination.
Yeah, it's kind of "experience" that we (as last grade student) have to do.
InsyaAllah I can through it well, but some subject is so hard for me, like Indonesian (listening, i'm very bad in this part), music art? I can't sing well, Sundanese? I dunno the score, I'm not a sundanese people, Sports? I can do the gyms well, but for "big ball subject" is just so so, etc. Arrrgh! Tomorrow is the last PE for me, hamdulillah~ I must say many syukr to You, O Allah, you make us strong to do it, give us strength to pass it. Now, I hope Allah give the best for us, allahumma aamiin.

Hem? there's any story more?
But, I won't tell it here, sorry.
Many things happen and I learn it. I hope.

Arigatou, faito!


New Vintage Accessories!

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, fellas~
Konnichiwa, how's life? O genki desu ka? Alhamdullah, just say it, friends :)
Hm, several days ago... A packet's coming~ I bought 2 vintage pins >< I really like it!
I bought it from a friend, Nuruu-san, she has just returned to Indonesia, from Japan! And... those vintage things are from japan, and also I got a discount for it, wuhuuu~ *waving dance*  hamdulillah!

The rose pin with the pearl is mine!
The red one!
But, some of friends said it's just so so, very small, etc. Hem... but over all, I still love it, thanks Allah!



Feb 17, 2013

Sickness of heart

Astaghfirullahal'adziim... Faghfirlii, faghfirlanaa, O Allah, please forgive and help us.

Longing of Heaven

 Struggle to reach heaven. Eternal heaven. Allah's jannah! I know it must be there are so many troubles but keep fighting, let's start the war in Allah's line!


Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh fellas! How's life? Genki desu ka? Hamdulillah... Allah give every (good) things to us!

Hm... tomorrow is PE (Practice Exam) to me & my schoolmates!
O Allah... give us strength to do the best! Ikhtiar? It must. Bismillah~
But... I feel really messy now, I have yet prapared well! >< But I still have to prepare as can as possible. Allah will help me, it must be, aamiin.

Hi there?
I wanna tell ya many things but I'm not a good writer, sorry.

Arigatou, faito!


Jan 28, 2013

Just realized.

"A girl who is liked by many boys, it isn't make her be a special girl. The special girl is a girl who keep her honor and manners" -- apply for 'the opposite'



Jan 13, 2013

SAO: Sword Art Online!

Really like Asuna-chaaaaan >///<
and... Kirito-kun too.
Also, Yui-chan wa kawaii desu ><

 This is a cool family
bye bye from asuna chan in ALO