Oct 26, 2014

De Ranch (2)

Oct 25, 2014

De Ranch

Horse-back riding. De ranch, Lembang~

Tapi yg ini gak terlalu seru sih soalnya nggak boleh jalan berdua aja sama kudanya :(
Tapi senengnya super kebangetan

Alhamdulillaaaaaah :"

Oct 23, 2014

My (new) room

I really love this new room,

walaupun sering berantakan, tp abis itu semangat 45 lagi kok ngeberesinnya :) Seneng banget sama aroma lavendernya, aromanya manis banget :" suka banget sama beberapa barang di kamar ini, rasanya pengen terus dekor, dekor rumah sekalian sih pengennya. #okemulaialay #goodbye

Kemarin tiba-tiba iseng fotoin kamar, before afternya. hehehe

Always love these vintage stuff



Oct 20, 2014

Agst-Okt 2014

Oct 5, 2014


Assalamu'alaykum :) good night fellas, today i'm really happy because i can go home, but i can't meet my bestfriend, fara, altough she will go to egypt on Oct 10 :(. 

But I have a big news for my self, for my achievement,
I will GO ABROAD! yeah, go abroad alhamdulillah, i will go to a new place,
and do you know, I will go to JAPAN! My favorite country :) Alhamdulillaaaaah, big thanks to Allah
I also have to thank to all of my family and bestfriends for this, because of their pray and support :)
Free of charge! that's the point! Hehe

But, now i'm confused, I get a chance to go abroad again next year for research exchange, I choose canada or turkey, but I get Tunisia, i don't know exactly what I have to do, Allah please give me the best way :''

And the last... nowadays, I really feel that I make so many sins, please forgive me, yaa Allah, help me :''