Feb 22, 2013

Papa Please Papa

"Papa, sorry Papa, I'm very sorry Papa,... Papa please I'm sorry Papa..." said a boy

Guess what? What's movie? Yep, Taree Zameen Par. I very very like this movie, a movie from Aamir Khan. I've watched it twice (once with my classmates and finally we call this movie "Papa Please Papa" :p), but I never bored. Even, every scene makes me cry :') I suggest you to watch it. It's indian movie, but it's not bollywood I think, this is very cool! Really awesome and too amazing! I like Ishaan Awasthi. He's so cute. Good acting for his age (Darsheel Safary). You can read the synopsis and get more information here --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taare_Zameen_Par



Real Teenager Book

Tadaaaaaa~ Usually, I never wanna buy any book, why? A simple reason: I prefer borrow than buy *hehehe
But, this book is full color and many friends wanna read it, so when I came to Islamic Book Fair (IBF), I bought it, I hope it will give my friends benefit. Aamiin.

This is the book, for ya my Indonesian friends, just read it (I mean buy it first, then read it :p)



Guys, hi, you've known what i mean. PE.
PE = Practice Examination.
Yeah, it's kind of "experience" that we (as last grade student) have to do.
InsyaAllah I can through it well, but some subject is so hard for me, like Indonesian (listening, i'm very bad in this part), music art? I can't sing well, Sundanese? I dunno the score, I'm not a sundanese people, Sports? I can do the gyms well, but for "big ball subject" is just so so, etc. Arrrgh! Tomorrow is the last PE for me, hamdulillah~ I must say many syukr to You, O Allah, you make us strong to do it, give us strength to pass it. Now, I hope Allah give the best for us, allahumma aamiin.

Hem? there's any story more?
But, I won't tell it here, sorry.
Many things happen and I learn it. I hope.

Arigatou, faito!


New Vintage Accessories!

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, fellas~
Konnichiwa, how's life? O genki desu ka? Alhamdullah, just say it, friends :)
Hm, several days ago... A packet's coming~ I bought 2 vintage pins >< I really like it!
I bought it from a friend, Nuruu-san, she has just returned to Indonesia, from Japan! And... those vintage things are from japan, and also I got a discount for it, wuhuuu~ *waving dance*  hamdulillah!

The rose pin with the pearl is mine!
The red one!
But, some of friends said it's just so so, very small, etc. Hem... but over all, I still love it, thanks Allah!



Feb 17, 2013

Sickness of heart

Astaghfirullahal'adziim... Faghfirlii, faghfirlanaa, O Allah, please forgive and help us.

Longing of Heaven

 Struggle to reach heaven. Eternal heaven. Allah's jannah! I know it must be there are so many troubles but keep fighting, let's start the war in Allah's line!


Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh fellas! How's life? Genki desu ka? Hamdulillah... Allah give every (good) things to us!

Hm... tomorrow is PE (Practice Exam) to me & my schoolmates!
O Allah... give us strength to do the best! Ikhtiar? It must. Bismillah~
But... I feel really messy now, I have yet prapared well! >< But I still have to prepare as can as possible. Allah will help me, it must be, aamiin.

Hi there?
I wanna tell ya many things but I'm not a good writer, sorry.

Arigatou, faito!