Jul 25, 2010

New School, New Friend

Assalamu'alaykum, konnichiha~ Long time no posting v.v O-genki desu ka? Ok, let's start... Definately you know about...... my new school. Yeah, that's interesting enough ._. crik, crik

Um... I have new friend, exactly, new friends. Actually, before this, there's a marticulation program. I have got the class. But, everyone & i think it will be random again. Apparently, no! I got same class. First class, X-1. Just some of people moved.  And... some of people who i dislike, be my classmate :'(.

Now, I make a friend with elok-chan! Yeah, you know... in other posting, I said, we have same expectations & favorites. That's Japan! She studied japanese for 8 month. She is smart, and she love math too. She interest with islam & may be, will be a real muslimah. She teach and help me to learn japanese. Especially hiragana! I like it ^.^ I have got the book (fotocopy from elok-chan's book) & found notes from internet. (Arigatou gozaimasu elok!)

O ya, just for information, now, I'm crazy of Inuyasha! My friend, Hani, has many comics of Inuyasha. Before, I just like the movie. Um... please pray for me, so that i can speak, & write japanese! v(^.^)v

Arigatou, faito!

A Risepad

Jul 7, 2010


Long time ago.... (okay, not too long, & I'm too excessive >.<) My sister found many flowers pictures from deviantart. That was very interesting than flowers which i have seen. I want to knew the names. But..... 'the deviantarter' didn't write the name of the flowers. On another day, I found a japanese book about flowers (Yeah, I remember, I borrowed it when I was grade 8). And evidently, that's help me! It show me many kind of flowers. Finally, i search in google & i get many informations from wiki.... especially the japanese name v|^.^|v And I interest with some names. Such as........

Kosumosu (cosmos)
Cosmos~ I like it so much! Really like \^o^/
Flower that i dream... (Um, too excessive).

Hinagiku (daisy)
I like this so much too, my second favorites!

Sakura (cherry blossom)
Uwooo~ this is one of icon in Japan ^.^

  Renge, hasu, or fuyo (lotus)

Ajisai (hydrangea)
First time i see this flower, from Yukie's photo!

Contra costa goldfields
It look like sunflowers, right? (the small picture hehe)

Kigiku (Chrysanthemum)

Subhanallah, they are so beautiful! >///<
Um.... I want to have a garden of them, i hope! 
O ya, hanakotoba is the Japanese word for 'language of flowers’