Aug 18, 2013


Allah... *speechless*
So many syuhada there. I really want to be one of them. Please help them, win them, Allah! I'm sorry I'm too weak, I just can help with du'aa, weak du'aa maybe. Because I'm not a good muslim. I just trying. Please help, Allah. Show the right is the right:)


for the first time I write here, 
in new place. 
A boarding for medical student.
from a window in my room.

Allah, forgive me, many sins and mistakes that I've done. Allah please forgive me.
Allah, thank you, so many happiness and comfort that You've given to me. Allah, thank you.

Allah, I feel so selfish now, I will live only with my friends, there's no family and I'm not in my parent's house. In the beginning, I really want to live alone without them, but now.........hem, you must be know it hehe :p

O I have a fear, but I think it's too selfish. I'm afraid I will be so tired about many tasks in collage and there's no one who help me, like in high school. O, so selfish! O Allah, make me wiser in my age, in your way. Make me be a true muslimah who has many benefits for Your creature. Allah, help me, just You who can help me because You're the only one, You hold my life.

Arigatou, Allah