Aug 26, 2010

Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Assalamu'alaykum... Ohayou minna-san!
I like read manga so much, now! (but, not random or I like every manga, I choose the manga too -_-). The manga which I want to tell is.... Spiral! Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (スパイラル〜推理の絆 Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna) It's cool! Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Slice Of  Life, Tragedy (hooo *.*)  And... The most special is... the characters! I like Hiyono & Ayumu >w<

These are the ilustrations......
Ayumu Narumi (鳴海歩 Narumi Ayumu)
Ayumu is very intelligent, but is very introverted and has a lot of self-doubt. 
Hiyono Yuizaki (結崎ひよの Yuizaki Hiyono)

The infamous school journalist, Hiyono is the bubbly and energetic sidekick of Ayumu, always stuck to his side. Very clever and a quick-thinker, her confidence borders dangerously on overconfidence. 
Eyes Rutherford (アイズ·ラザフォード)
The 17 years old world-class pianist, and he is second only to Kiyotaka Narumi, Ayumu Narumi's older brother.He is one of the blade children, Eyes is a quarter English and debuted in the musical world at the age of 14. 
Kanone Hilbert (カノン·ヒルベルト)
A Blade Child with a dual personality. He could be cute and friendly or manipulative and insane. He was very close to Eyes. 
Another pictures...

Aug 21, 2010

Just It

I'm so tired, now. 
I'm so sleepy, now.
I'm so confused, now.

Sorry, I'm sorry, gomennasai, I seldom posting or tell about my life, my likes, or my.... expectations, now. Because of full of homeworks! Duties, duties, duties. But... comic too (hehehe, don't kill me... ~.~) O ya, My friend, Nadia will do student exchange to Japan. Japan! Japan! Yeah, if she pass the test. Hopefully she can. Altough not me who going to go to Japan, I'm happy enough.  がんばって, Nad! Wish you luck ^.^ I register as OSIS members too and that's so scary >.<" I just want given the best! Accepted or refused, those aren't bad. Please pray for me... Arigatou gozaimasu, tomodachi \(^o^)/


Arigatou, faito!

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