Dec 24, 2012


That's right about do not too love/like/adore something, because may be later you'll hate that.
That's right about do not too hate/unlike something, because may be later you'll love that.

I think I can prove it now, but... yeah, I dunno. Hm, O Allah, please forgive me for every mistake, give me the best way. Allahumma Aamiin.



Sorry, I'm back

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi  wa barakaatuh!
HELLO fellas, how's life? Hope Allah always in ur heart (^ー^)

Now is holiday! Yeah, you've known, it means the "examination" was over! Hehehe, u r right.

Do you know, I have a target to get minimum average of report: 90. Too high? Too fool? But, who's knows? (except Allah :p)

Hamdulillaaaah, I'm get 90.16 for my average of science report! #ThanksAllah!

But, like usual human, in the beginning, I wasn't too glad about it. Because my Biology isn't >=90. But, yeah, just say syukr to Allah, this is the best for me. Hamdulillah!

And... Do you know? I'm in 2nd rank. But, my average is just less 1 poin to her (the 1st rank). Nevertheless, still thank to Allah :) may be Allah wants me to still fighting and fighting! yeah, faito! Ganbatte kudasai~

In this year, I really feel friendship from my classmate, moreover, in the class meeting >///< I really thank to Allah that my classmate are good muslim (Aamiin). The boy covered their aurat when playing games (futsal). Hamdulillah... Kakkoii desu~ The girl was so patient too when a trouble was coming >.< MasyaAllah! Hope my happiness do not stop, hope they still like that, istiqomah in Allah's line. #ThanksAllah. I joined poster competition to in that classmeeting. I dunno, I'll be a winner or not, just tawakkalna'alAllah :)

Then? I've made a pic of my class! I really like that, but for this time I have yet could upload, sorry >o<

Hm, How about my ambition? Okay, I will tawakkal to Allah and give away everything to Allah, what is the best choice that Allah has chosen to me, Allah... show me the best, give me the best. Bismillah, I will receive anything that you've chosen to me. The best from You is my destiny, O Allah.

O Allah let me love you just the way I am. You know everything about me, please keep my heart and give me the best. Let me fix and change to the better one. Aamiin.