Dec 24, 2012


That's right about do not too love/like/adore something, because may be later you'll hate that.
That's right about do not too hate/unlike something, because may be later you'll love that.

I think I can prove it now, but... yeah, I dunno. Hm, O Allah, please forgive me for every mistake, give me the best way. Allahumma Aamiin.



Sorry, I'm back

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi  wa barakaatuh!
HELLO fellas, how's life? Hope Allah always in ur heart (^ー^)

Now is holiday! Yeah, you've known, it means the "examination" was over! Hehehe, u r right.

Do you know, I have a target to get minimum average of report: 90. Too high? Too fool? But, who's knows? (except Allah :p)

Hamdulillaaaah, I'm get 90.16 for my average of science report! #ThanksAllah!

But, like usual human, in the beginning, I wasn't too glad about it. Because my Biology isn't >=90. But, yeah, just say syukr to Allah, this is the best for me. Hamdulillah!

And... Do you know? I'm in 2nd rank. But, my average is just less 1 poin to her (the 1st rank). Nevertheless, still thank to Allah :) may be Allah wants me to still fighting and fighting! yeah, faito! Ganbatte kudasai~

In this year, I really feel friendship from my classmate, moreover, in the class meeting >///< I really thank to Allah that my classmate are good muslim (Aamiin). The boy covered their aurat when playing games (futsal). Hamdulillah... Kakkoii desu~ The girl was so patient too when a trouble was coming >.< MasyaAllah! Hope my happiness do not stop, hope they still like that, istiqomah in Allah's line. #ThanksAllah. I joined poster competition to in that classmeeting. I dunno, I'll be a winner or not, just tawakkalna'alAllah :)

Then? I've made a pic of my class! I really like that, but for this time I have yet could upload, sorry >o<

Hm, How about my ambition? Okay, I will tawakkal to Allah and give away everything to Allah, what is the best choice that Allah has chosen to me, Allah... show me the best, give me the best. Bismillah, I will receive anything that you've chosen to me. The best from You is my destiny, O Allah.

O Allah let me love you just the way I am. You know everything about me, please keep my heart and give me the best. Let me fix and change to the better one. Aamiin.



Nov 10, 2012

I'm not sure

Hello there! Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh~

MasyaAllah, hamdulillah, it's a beautiful life. I can feel this world and feel a "happiness" feeling 'cause Allah's love. Hamdulillah... Rabbii 'auzi'nii an asykurni'matiyal latii an amta'alayyaa wa'alaawaalidyyaa waan'amalashaalihann tardhoohufaadkhilnii min ibaadikasshaalihiin...

Gomenne, sorry fellas, It has a long time no post here, right? Actually I have some reasons about this, one of them is... I don't want my favorite "posting" will be missing from the main window, hehe :p

Okay, we'll start it from: several months ago, I... just realized that the meaning of my name isn't heaven! So, my pen name and this url must be changed too -_- but, I have been so comfortable about that name, "heaven". I dunno, I'll change the name or not. Hm, so, what's the meaning of my name? That's "heart" or "soul", hm, the meaning of my full name is the pure heart (soul) from Allah's hamba. Hm, it's quiet good, right? But I have to make a new anagram, just trying! (>o<)

Then, what else?

Do you remember that I've said to you will continue a posting "the feeling story"? I'm sorry, I can't write for you, because it may be a longer story. But, I have a little story from a girl, let's begin. A girl adores a boy because his attitude, she heard it from someone. Just calling the girl with "a", and the boy with "b". Just for known, a and b are a good muslim. So, they trying to keep their attitude and their heart. In the beginning, "a" seldom care about "b", but it didn't happen for a long time, then she often stare at him and care about him. She ever thought that the boy often stare at her, but in the real, it didn't happen. One day, she heard bad news about the boy, "b" was closer to another girl. It was a really bad news, and the girl is one of best friend of "a". "A" was so disappointed to him. After several time, "a" and "b" chatted inadvertently. "b" told "a" that he wanted to change, etc, and "b" confessed that he has done a wrong things with a girl (another girl). But, evidently, that girl knew their chat, so, that girl was so angry, disappointed and may be... sad. Fall in sadness. After several time,"b" changed, he became a  better boy but they often chat, and "a" has a more "feeling" to "b", and "a" doesn't know how about "b"'s feeling but she don't want to really know it. A simple story, right?

(-ToT-) Hm?

Do you know? Now I really like make some posting on the facebook! You've known that I really adore to flower and rose >///< So, almost everyday I post a pic of vintage, floral, etc with a good quote.


Let's go to a important topic!

Have you known about my plan to study then? Medical school! I got a friend from FK UNPAD and I really get a good news from her! :D Do you know? I'm 3 grade of SHS, do you know what I mean? This is the last year for me in SHS >o<) Bismillaah... Allah will always give the best for me!
I think that's enough for this posting. Hope I remember to continue it :)



Jun 25, 2012

Just telling about usual school

Hello there! Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh~  (^。^)
I wanna tell ya about my report study...

It just a usual thing that happen in every school, yeah, report of study.
How about mine? Hamdulillaaah, good enough for me, but I have yet gotten the best I think. (^ー^)」
Many people are better than me. Ugh, Just trying and praying. Then? Tawakkalna alallah~
But... I wonder to some people who just said. "I've tried and didn't cheat in the exam, but I still do not get the good score..." I wanna ask them, "how hard you've tried? Is it the best thing you do or not? Have you spent ur time to study hard and seriously?",  "how many times you pray for ur success?" Umm-_- I think they too often cheat and addicted about it.

I really realize that Allah "almost" always give the best for me (in my mind), but I also realize that Allah always give the best for me and for us (in His mind). Thank you, my lord, my everything, The Best, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala (>///<)

Do you want to know? I have been so lazy to did OSIS's task now, I don't too like the event, although it isn't bad. I don't know why (=0=) Do you want to know more? Every holiday is the time for futur I think, huaaa the worst thing! But I must trying to make it heals。がんばって~
Hope Allah always be with us! 



More Understand

 In this new life, 
I see many new things, 
I hear many new things, 
I meet many new things, 
I feel many new things, 
I get many new things, 

and... I more understand about many things 
that happen and there in this short life.

How is he, (Dawud Wharnsby Ali)?

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh~
Hello there! Are you guilty? No? But, yes, I am. I have done something worst! So worst. Okay, forget it *trying to forget it, but it can't be forgotten -_- yosh*.
Do you know my previous post ? It has the continued, I have been writing it but I am a little bit lazy-_- if you still wanna read it hehe :p

Here, I wanna share about Dawud Wharnsby Ali' lyrics. And... I wanna apologize to Mr. Dawud because I seldom hear ur songs now, I prefer like Monkey Majik to you, Mr. Dawud, I'm sorry (><) But I still like ur songs, many of ur songs...
Do you know, Mr. Dawud & Mr. Blaise + Mr. Maynard (Monkey Majik's vocalist) are Canadian! But, Mr. Dawud is muslim, and his songs are nasheed (^^)

So, those are!

Allah Knows

When you feel all alone in this world
And there’s nobody to count your tears
Just remember no matter where you are
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you’re carrying a monster load
And you wonder how far you can go
With every step on that road you take
Allah knows, Allah knows.

(Cause) No matter what, inside or out
There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt
Allah knows, Allah knows.
And whatever lies in the heavens and the Earth
Every star in this whole universe
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you find that special someone
Feel your whole life has barely begun
You can walk on the moon shout it to everyone
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you gaze with love in your eyes
Catch your glimpse of paradise
And you see your child take the first breath of life
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you lose someone close to your heart
See your whole world fall apart
And you try to go on but it seems so hard
Allah knows, Allah knows.

See we all have a path to choose
Through the valleys and hills we go
With the ups and the downs never fret never frown
Allah knows, Allah knows.

Chorus 2x
Every grain of sands in every desert plants
He knows…
Every sheet of palm, every closed hand
He knows…
Every sparkling tear on every eye lash
He knows…
Every thought I had and every word I share
He knows…
Allah knows…

Color of Islam

Allah made us all a different shade and colour.
Nations and tribes recognize one another!
’cause every single person is your sister or brother.
So many different colours of Islam.

Fill the world with colour, paint it everywhere you go.
Paint everything you see, and tell everyone you know.
Qur’an will be your paint, and your brush will be iman,
So fill the world with colour, every colour of Islam.

Truth as clear and blue as the sky we walk under.
Love as bright and loud as the lightening and thunder.
Peace as pure and white as the moon, so full of wonder.
So many different colours of Islam!

Fill the world with colour, paint it everywhere you go.
Paint everything you see, and tell everyone you know.
Qur’an will be your paint, and your brush will be iman,
So fill the world with colour, every colour of Islam.

Smiles, warm and shining, like the sun upon our faces.
Hope as rich and green as the trees of an oasis.
The colours of islam our faith bloom in so many places.
So many different colours of Islam

Fill the world with colour, paint it everywhere you go.
Paint everything you see, and tell everyone you know.
Qur’an will be your paint, and your brush will be iman,
So fill the world with colour, every colour of Islam.

What Did I Do Today?

Oh the moon has come
The day is done
The night has covered up the sun.
I have stood so often before you to pray
But I wonder Allah, tell me, what did I do today?
Did I remember the words of Al-Fatiha?
Did I take time to thank you for all that I have?
Did I call on you to guide my way?
Tell me, what did I do today?

I has whispered to you
As I made ruku
Subhana Rabiy'yal adheem.
But was my faith
Bright or grey?
Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?
Did I smile at my brother?
Was I kind to my mother?
Did I teach another something that I know
Or did my love of this world lead me astray?
Tell me, what did I do today?

Sami Allah hu liman hamida
Rabanna lakal hamd.
Sami Allah hu liman hamida
Rabanna lakal hamd.
La illaha il Allah.
La illaha il Allah.

Though I've bowed to you
with my face in the dust,
subhana raby'yal a'la
Did I turn to you
And did I obey?
Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?
Did I use my time?
Did I use my mind?
If I search my heart what will I find?
The light of your guidance is a glimmering ray,
Tell me, what did I do toady?
Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?

Arigatou, faito!

A Risepad

Jun 22, 2012

Some love stories. Ugh? Some "weird stories"!

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!
Hello my friends, how r u, today? I hope to you fine like everyday... *remembering pare song hehehe*

Alhamdulillaaaah, thanks Allah for all of happiness that U've given to me and to us.

Do u know? Now's holiday for us! I mean, holiday for almost all of students in Indonesia. Yeeeey (^o^)/
And do u know, in this holiday I want to "non-active" my facebook account, and I have done it. Why? Because I want to be focus in this holiday! Hehehe, a little bit weird? Okay, just forget it.
Um, sorry, I just have posted right now because I didn't have any mood and time before hehe (><)

Then, I have one question for you, reader. Is anybody here to read? crik crik crik (none) hehehe. Okay, I just want to ask, have I ever told about "feeling" story? I mean "love story" but I just don't want to say "love story" because I think, I have yet feel the real "love", but  just "admire" or "like" and almost teenager feel the same, right? But may be they're don't know hehe :p

Then, now, let me tell some stories about "feeling story" from the girls (>///<)

A girl looked at a boy. It seems like.. she interested to him. The girl often stared at him when he was playing basketball, and do you know, the boy respond her "stare" and they often stared each other, then she started to liked him. Sometimes the girl tell to her friends about the boy. Do you know? The boy is the girl's senior at their school. 

One day, her friend sent message to him used the girl's handphone. Just 3 day they sent messages each other, the boy had invited the girl to go to the movies. The girl was so happy, but she knew (because she afraid that something would happen), so she ignored his invitation. But, they always stare each other everyday, without saying anything. 

After several day, the boy asked the girl to be his girlfriend. The girl's heart was beating so fast, she was so happy, the boy that she liked had same feeling. But, she afraid, her parents and her school knew and punished them. She was so confused. But she didn't want to let the boy went and stopped to like her. So, she accepted the boy's request. It made she forgot about her God's ban. Day after day, time passed away, they still stared and sent messages each other. The boy often asked the girl to made a date, but she always ignored it because she confused "what kind of clothes that will she wear" "what will happen" "what will he does to her" "how if the people know about their relationship and reported to their school and her parent" what, what, what, and how, how, how in her mind. Finally, 3 weeks after the day they made relationship, their relationship was over. The girl was so tired with that condition, her life became so not calm, so she took that decision. After a month, she heard that the boy had had a new girlfriend. But the boy still often stare the girl, but she didn't too care. 

After almost 2 months passed, in one of school event, the boy was looking for the girl's attention, he sat near the girl. They stared each other, and their feeling had returned. The boy sent messages to girl again. The girl replied because she still liked the boy. One day, he said that he loved the girl and he had broken his relationship with the other girl and he said that he didn't really want to make relationship with his last girlfriend. He ever made the girl a poem and the girl replied it. Even, the boy asked the girl to made relationship again and started from the beginning. But, it was not as easy as the boy think. The girl asked him to waiting the replied for a month. In that month, the boy always sent message and noticed the girl, he ever asked the girl,
- "do you still like me? Answer honestly"
 "yes, i do........................................ but just kidding"
- "really? are you serious?"
 "don't you read my writing till the end? yes but just kidding haha"
- "yeah, i've read it, I mean, are you serious that you don't like me anymore?"
the girl's heart was beating fast. She wanted to said, yes, I really like you. But she still kept her honor, so she replied,
  "um, actually yes, may be. but it just a half of my feelings"
-"why? and bla bla bla"
And the conversation continued. In the middle of that month, the girl know another boy, they often chat, and the girl a little bit interest with him. So, she liked 2 boys. and do you know? the boy and the another boy were best friend. 

Okay, continue. After a month, the boy was still waiting her answer. But, she dicided to say "no" because she was scared of the parents and the school. And she little bit liked "another boy". She said to the boy, "love does not have to have". She thanked to him about those memories, he was the first boyfriend for her. He gave her many experiences and knowledge that made a relationship in the false time was false. After that moment, the boy made relationship with another girl and broken , made again and broken again. Again and again.

A girl and one of her friend interested to a boy, a boy who older than them 1 year. They liked him because they knew that he was so kind and religious. And also... handsome and cute enough. They tried to text him in short message and instant messenger. He respond them, he wanted to continue their conversation, almost every night,  the girl and that boy chatted in instant messenger. She (a little bit liked) him, but she didn't know how is the boy feeling to her. They ever made a promise to go to their school and playing basketball together, but, it was just "a hoax". They never do that. But, they still continued their chatting everynight. Sometimes they made debate, but it was funny for them. The boy often said that the girl was funny. and the girl was so happy about that. The boy also took care the girl. When they met, they never chat, but sometimes, stare each other. The girl knew that the boy also did the same to many girls. The girl also knew many girls liked him, more than she liked him. The boy just thought that the girl was his best friend. 

One day, she got the news that there was another girl who confessed her love to the boy, so the boy responded that girl feeling. The girl was a little bit disappointed, she decided to stopped their 'chatting'. She thought that the boy was so worst, he would accepted everyone who asked him to be closer with him. So, the girl tried to forget him and ignored the boy's message. But, do you know, the girl got the valuable lesson that many boys aren't good enough and we have to keep our heart so that our heart won't be hurt. And that story was over.

She ever saw the boy. It was the first year in junior high school, and the boy was in the second grade. One of her friend showed him and said that the boy was looking for a feminine girl. But the girl did not realize that she was feminine girl. It turned out, the boy was admire the girl. He liked the girl and he asked his friend to help him. 

Finally the friend of the boy asked the girl about what something that she likes, her favorite color, etc. But, the girl didn't interest to him because she was admiring another boy. Do you know? Actually the boy is more handsome than another boy who is liked by the girl. She ignored the boy. One day the boy knew that the girl was closer to the another boy, so the boy got broken heart. He decided to stop admire the girl. It happened in the 1st year (for the girl). Shortly after that, the girl was in relationship with another boy. 

Then, the girl was single (again) and she started to liked the boy. Everyday they stared each other, the girl started liking him. Unfortunately, the boy made relationship with his friend who helped him to get the girl. It was late for the girl to get the boy's heart, the boy had had a more pretty girlfriend than the girl. So it hurted the girl. She decided to stopped admire the boy. And it happened when the girl in the 2nd year. But, the girl was wonder when the boy made relationship with another girl, he often stare on the girl. But, she still tried to forgot him and changed to be a good girl. She was more religious and didn't want to made relationship again with any boy until she would get married later. 

A year has passed, the boy was graduated from the school, and the girl is in the 3rd year. She  didn't thought about any boy. She really changed. But, one day in one of school event, the boy came again to their school and met the girl. They stared each other for a while. After that incident, the boy sent message to her. Asked the girl's news, etc. The girl was so shocked, she thought "our time is never right". The girl didn't want to replied, but, finally she replied because her feeling came again. The girl's heart was beating and the memories about them appeared again in her mind. 

Fortunately, the girl remembered her God's command, she didn't want to made the same sins again. Then she asked him to stopped sent message again to her because his message were disturbing her feeling. Then, the boy accepted the girl's request. She was rather glad because the boy did it and she realized that the control is in the girl, if a girl don't want to accept a boy request, something will never happen and actually every girl can keep their honor by themselves. And their story was over. Even they never say that they liked each other.

There was a girl, indonesian girl. She was 15 years old, that time. She is a muslimah. And she really liked Japan. She had an account of social site and she was looking for japanese muslim-muslimah friends. She found a japanese muslimah woman but their age were so different. So, the woman helped her to find another japanese friends for the girl. One day, the woman introduced a japanese muslim. He was 16 years old. They started to chatted on instant messenger using english. The girl was not so good at english but she still tried to. She often asked him about japan, japanese, islam in Japan, school, is it true the boy is muslim, how it could be happened, etc. The boy asked the girl too, about activities, condition, school, etc. They had known each other because they shared their photos in their account. 

The boy ever told the girl that he would get married soon with an egyptian woman after he graduated from high school. The egyptian woman was 17 years old. And she's really so beautiful. The girl and the boy more closer and often chat. Even, the boy often asked the girl about her appearance, about her height, etc. Sometimes the girl asked the boy to share another japanese muslim, but the boy said that he didn't have any. As long as they chatted, she started to liked him. When the girl offered another muslimah friends to him, the boy ignored it and said that he was afraid he would have a "strange" feeling to them. So, he just wanted to made friend with the girl. 

Finally, the the boy's fiancee (egyptian woman) knew about their friendship and assumed their relation is more than friend. The fiancee was jealous and asked the boy to stopped their friendship. Then, they never talk anymore, the boy deleted the girl from his friend list, etc. Until one day... the boy was back! He asked the girl to made friend with him again, and apologized to the girl about what happened before. But the girl also assumed that their relationship is "rather strange". Then, one day, the girl acquainted another boy who knew "the boy" too, and the boy was a little bit jealous, he didn't want the girl made friend with the another boy. One time, the girl ever asked him,
+"do you love or like ur fiancee?"
-"i don't know..."
+"that means you like her"
-"I like you"
the girl's heart was beating fast, she was so happy, but she didn't want to think too much, so she replied,
+"as friend, right?"
-" :) "
Then, the boy said something that she never forget it
-"What do you think if I asked you to marry me?"
The girl was so shocked and so glad, her heart was beating faster. But she just replied,
+"Subhanallah... hahaha"
-"How do you think if I'm serious?"
+"You don't know the real me"
-"We can live together and know each other"
The girl was so shocked. Then the girl changed the topic. But, sometimes the boy made a joke and asked the girl to marry him. The girl was so confused and she thought that she had to kept her heart. Day after day, finally the boy was graduated from his school and the fiancee of the boy knew (the boy still talked to the girl) and she got angry again about their relationship. And, the girl (indonesian girl) thought that their wedding day was coming soon, so the girl asked the boy to stopped their friendship. That was the best way for them. Sometimes the girl thought about that thing, It was the story in 3 countries, Indonesia, Japan, and Egypt. Finally, the girl and the boy never chat anymore. The girl didn't know, "had the boy and his fiance got married or not?"And do you know, the girl has a little bit hope to meet him someday.


Arigatou, faito!

A Risepad

Monkey Majik (again)?

Assalamu'alaykum warahamatullahi wabarakaatuh~
I don't have to ask to you "how are you" right? Because it is still the same time. here 0.13. But I haven't yet wanna go to bed hehe. Now I wanna tell ya about my favorite music.
- Do you know what kind of japanese group, band or singer that the most I liked?
+ Monkey Majik.
- Um, how do you know?
+ Yeah, because.... yeah, they're quite well.
- Yeaaaah, I've known some of their new song *I don't know exactly, that is new or not hehe*
+ Okay, just tell me
- Okay, Yume no Sekai, Mahou no kotoba, Runaway, Wonderland, and Everything is Going to be Alright. And, because of my best friend El-chan, I know HSJ (Hey! Say! Jump), I like their movie, "Scrap Teacher", pure friendship, school life, and fighting. No love story. I also like the personel, Chinen Yuri, he's a little bit similar with my best friend Mii-chan XP I just know one song of it. Superdelicate, hope you enjoy it *if you wanna try listen to*

So, back to the topic. Monkey Majik. A cool japanese band that the vocalist are Canadian! And I really really like Blaise Plant's voice, so cool (>///<) (please try to listen to his voice using earphone >///<)
Okay I wanna tell ya, about one of the lyrics of their song, that is...............................

"Everything is Going to be Alright"

 The summertime is here to stay
Don't you wish that you could get away?
A camp out fire, an open car
If only we could live this kind of life forever

Some people smile, and some of us cry
But it don't matter 'cause I'll be there
To pick you up, and we'll fly together

And maybe I'm wrong, and maybe you're right
Baby, we don't have to go and get in a fight
Beware, we'll sit around and talk together

I close my eyes and wished that you were by my side
I know that you'd be here, laying down your smile all night

I hope you know, I won't let go
'Cause everything is going to be alright
Yeah, it's alright!
Don't be scared you're dreaming now baby love
You might not know, but let me show
That I know what you're thinking, baby
Everything is going to be alright

Ya gotta be strong, ya gotta be fast
Ya gotta pick up and never be last
I'll be there to follow you wherever you may go
There are times you feel low, but you're never down
Sometimes the world turns upside down
Beware you only got one life to live on

I close my eyes and wish that you were by my side
I know that you'd be here laying down your smile all night

I hope you know, I hope you know
That everything is going to be alright
And it's alright!
Don't be scared, you're dreaming now baby love
You might not know, but let me show
That I know what you're thinking, baby
'Cause everything is going to be alright

Sometimes ya feeling up, and other times you're feeling low
You think your negativity is the only way to let it all go
Look on the brighter side, ya never let others decide
So never mind and kick your feet up way HIGH HIGH HIGH!

The summertime is here to stay
Don't you wish that you could get away?
A camp out fire, an open car
I think that we can go and live this life together
And I know you, and you know me
With chances high were going to get to see how the world is turning forever

I hope you know, I won't let go
'Cause everything is going to be alright
Yeah, it's alright!
Don't be scared, you're dreaming now baby love
You might not know, but let me show
That I know what you're thinking, baby
Cause everything's going to be alright

I hope you know, I hope you know
That everything is going to be alright
And it's alright
Don't be scared, you're dreaming now baby love
You might not know, but let me show
That I know what you're thinking, baby
'Cause everything's going to be alright

Well, summertime is here to stay
Don't you wish that you could get away?
A camp out fire, an open car
If only we could live this kind of life forever
If only we could live forever

These lyrics totally in english and *may be* for a "girlfriend or boyfriend" because there's words "baby love" but I'll change in my mind the lyrics and the song is for my friends. Enjoy it! ('''///''')

Arigatou, faito!

 A Risepad

Is still there any luck for me? (2)

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh, fellas! I'm still here, write for myself :P
About "the next olympiad" that I got 2 weeks dispend, it gave me so so many tasks! Many subjects that I left. I seldom follow OSIS meeting and KIR program, I also did not too active in rohis. Oh no! But, finally I could buy my favorite handphone, that was simple good beautiful flip hp from my olympiad price hehe XD. And, my final examination was almost getting worst. Fortunately, many teachers were so kindful. So, I got many easier task and exam. But, when the other students were free, we had to done our exam and tasks. So pathetic. But, never mind, those're not problem, there's Allah always hehe. And it was over. Do you know? Tomorrow is the report day. Hope Allah give the best for me and for all of my best friends, Aamiin. (>///<)

Jazakumullah khairan, hamdulillah...
Arigatou, faito!

A Risepad

Jun 21, 2012

Is still there any luck for me?

Hello world, assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!
Um, o genki desu ka? How's life?

Do you know? Many things was happened and will be happen in my life and I have been so lazy to tell ya all hehe *who's cares? none hehe*
Do you know? I want to be a specialist doctor but I don't want to go work later. Do you know, I don't want to go work and wanna be a housewife who has a garden, horse, archery club, and a vintage house? Do you know  I wanna get married soon and be a housewife. But I don't want to do all of housewife's duties? Do you know I want to study but actually I feel so bored and tired? Do you know I want to go to abroad and stay there? Do you know I have many expectations and I try to make true all of them? Do you know I'm trying to keep in the right path and i love it? Do you know what is my aim? Yosh, how weird I am -_-

Okaaaay, I don't know how can I write that. But, I think the statements above can imagine about myself. Hehehe, actually I don't want to tell ya about myself, but my activity, but, never mind. Who's cares? 

I don't know when exactly it was happened. What is "it"? 
It refers to my "lucky" to participants olympiad hehe. When the test for participant the olympiad was held, I signed up to subject "biology" because I thought it match with medical that I will study in university. So, one of my friend signed me up. Then, my physics teacher asked me to join in phisics too, and she signed me up. But, a surprise came to me, my last physics teacher asked me to join astronomy. So, I signed up for 3 subjects -_-

The test day was coming. I got the news that for astronomy subject wasn't need to test because just a little bit students interest to join it. So, from 3 subjects, I chose astronomy. the reason is... I was too lazy to do the test hehehe :P (That was my 1st luck). So it continued with some course about astronomy, every thursday we had to study astronomy. And do you know, I never understand and did not too interest about it. So pathetic. The olympiad day was nearer, when the holiday came, I still went to school to study about it with different "a little bit strange" teacher.

And the olympiad day was nearest, from 6 students who join astronomy subjects would be chosen 3, to participant the olympiad. And, I was one of "the chosen" (That was my 2nd luck). Suddenly, my school side said that only 2 students per subject can participated the olympiad. So, I still was the one of "the chosen" (That was my 3rd luck). So, in 3 days, I had to study hard about astronomy that never I knew before. In the 3 days we who would participate the olympiad got the dispend for "do-not-study-at-class". But, many tasks that I'd to do, so I was a little bit tired... But, I successed read 2 thin books of astronomy and started understand astronomy (That's my 4th luck).

Then... the day was coming, I was trying to answered the questions. So many physics questions, and I had yet studied about it, I think that questions were hard. But, I had *a little bit* positive thinking because I remembered Allah will give me the best. I did not too care about the result. Until evening my friend and I were waiting for the result. But, the result was read when the maghrib time, so, I had yet known the result that time. When I had done shalat maghrib, someone told me that I was the runner up of astronomy, I thought that was totally kidding. When we visited the teacher's room and ask one of teacher there, she said that I was the runner up. I was so shocked and wanted to say syukur, and syukur. Hamdulillah~ (That was the 5th luck). So I would continue to higher grade of olympiad (That was my 6th luck). And do you know? Altough the day after olympiad was mid-test, I was so spirited do that. And do you know, I got high scores in many subjects when the mid test, hamdulillah~ (That was my 7th luck).

2 weeks before the next olympiad we got the dispend (again). And everyday that I studied for olympiad, school always gave us a free lunch hehe (That was my 8th luck). I got some price too hehe. The day was coming, I met many new friends in the place, we studied together, altough I had yet understood about astronomy. Many things happened in that 2 days (That was my 9th luck).

But, I couldn't answer the question well, and now I don't know, is there any lucky for this "olympiad experience"? Allah knows the best for me, for you, and for us. I don't too care about the result. Laa hawla walakuwwata illabillah~

Arigatou, faito!

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Apr 22, 2012

My Cath Kidston Purse!

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh, minna-san! Hope u always be with Him, right? Okay, now I would like to tell ya about...

 This is my purse of cath kidston! I love it so much :3
In a wood table

O! I have twins purse

Someone with my cath kidston purse (-' ',-)

Arigatou, Faito!

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Mar 11, 2012

Floral Vintage

Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullohi wabarokaatuh, fellas!
Hello ya! みんな-さん、こんばんは
How’s life? In this post, I wanna tell ya about a treasure that I’ve known about that.
Vintage treasure that I like so much! Like you’ve known, I like vintage, floral goods or things, roses, pretty brooches, ribbons. Let’s enjoy it (-''-)

From Cath Kidston

I have a purse of cath kidston! I love it so much, I feel so lucky *Alhamdulillah~*
But, for now, I can’t show mine because the photo is in my friend’s camera. *Ok, continue* And, when I wanted to see the website, I got many vintage floral pattern from cath kidston. And those are so beautiful, cutie, elegant, and pretty. I wish I have many goods like these. (-'0'-) Check it out!

What a pretty it is! 

Wassalam, Arigatou, ファイト!

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Mar 4, 2012

About January

In January, I really really got many experiences from my environment (school)! Exactly, I got problem in that month. In that month I study hard too and try to fix my false in the last semerter (3rd semester in High School). And do you know, what's is the problem about? It's about "An art Party" from OSIS work planning. It's a complicated problem. At the beginning, I decided to didn't called it problem, but, the fact said, this is a problem. My favorite teacher, my lovely sister in school, and some of my friend didn't agree with our choice. I'm so confused at that time. Yeaaaaaaaaah, I can't tell you more, because you'll don't understand too hehehe. But, Yosh! (‐^▽^‐)Everything's gonna be alright now. It because Allah's help! Thank you so much much much Allah~

Wassalam, Arigatou, ファイト!

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Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Midnight

He sat back in his arrogant sort of way.
He said, “There’s nothing more to say.”
then lectured on for another hour.

She said, everything was fine.
She said, she didn’t like to whine,
then cried on for another hour.

They sat there screaming through the room was silent.
They sat so still though the scene was violent.
And words can never really help you say,
what you want them to anyway.
And words can never really help you see,
what you really want to be.
He took a last sip of cold tea.

Last chance to stop all these lies.
Last chance to clean up these lives.
This could be the final hour.

This could be the final hour, or
this could be the finest hour.

And words can never really help you say
what you want them to anyway.
And words can never really help you see,
what you really want to be.
He took a last sip of cold tea. 

This is the video's link:

In the first time I watched this video and heard this song, I don't understand what does it mean? But, I got someone's words:
"This is probably the first Muslim music video that I have seen that looks like it was on MTV or VH1 (or MuchMusic for the Canadians). From my understanding of the video, the white guy wants to convert to Islam, but his girl doesn’t want to and is mad he is. It looks like in the end, he leaves her. Deep message.("
Let's enjoy it! :3

Wassalam, Arigatou, ファイト!

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