Dec 24, 2011

My december

In December I did many tasks,
In December I did semester examination,
In December I passed semester examination,
In December I went to UI, UNPAD, UGM, and UNS for GTC(Goes To Campus) program,
In December I got many trip to many places in Jogja with my beloved bestfriends,
In December I went to Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Malioboro *It seems impossible, but in fact it's the first time I go there*,
In December COSMO'11 held, and I got many experiences,
In December my class (dimention) got two prizes in COSMO,
In December I got my good *enough* report book,
In December many LIQO events we passed,
In December I got many cool stories,
In December I just have written this post,


A Risepad

I dunno...

Yeah, I dunno... Suddenly I dunno 'what' must I write?
Assalamu'alaykum wr wb fellas!

Ogenkidesuka? Holiday's coming!!!
I have some plans in this holiday and I think it's not some but many and heavy*hard*! I must do that seriously but I still doubt, can I finished those are? Hopefully. Just Allah can help me.
You've known right? That now I'm treasurer of Osis in my school? Yeah, I often tell about Rohis, and a little bit forgetting Osis hehehe :p
Sometimes I feel so comfortable in Osis, but many times I feel uncomfortable, I think many Osis committes do not too care to school and Osis. So, I'm confused! How can I change that? I have to colouring them, we have to make Osis success! We have to build our dicipline *not otoriter* and responsible. We also have yet done many things like work planning, structure board, we have yet given a good example to other students, etc. O, no! I just can say to us, Gambatte, let's doing! Bismillah... Allah ma'ana, we have been late yet!

Wallahu 'alam, thank you, faito!

A Risepad