Nov 10, 2012

I'm not sure

Hello there! Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh~

MasyaAllah, hamdulillah, it's a beautiful life. I can feel this world and feel a "happiness" feeling 'cause Allah's love. Hamdulillah... Rabbii 'auzi'nii an asykurni'matiyal latii an amta'alayyaa wa'alaawaalidyyaa waan'amalashaalihann tardhoohufaadkhilnii min ibaadikasshaalihiin...

Gomenne, sorry fellas, It has a long time no post here, right? Actually I have some reasons about this, one of them is... I don't want my favorite "posting" will be missing from the main window, hehe :p

Okay, we'll start it from: several months ago, I... just realized that the meaning of my name isn't heaven! So, my pen name and this url must be changed too -_- but, I have been so comfortable about that name, "heaven". I dunno, I'll change the name or not. Hm, so, what's the meaning of my name? That's "heart" or "soul", hm, the meaning of my full name is the pure heart (soul) from Allah's hamba. Hm, it's quiet good, right? But I have to make a new anagram, just trying! (>o<)

Then, what else?

Do you remember that I've said to you will continue a posting "the feeling story"? I'm sorry, I can't write for you, because it may be a longer story. But, I have a little story from a girl, let's begin. A girl adores a boy because his attitude, she heard it from someone. Just calling the girl with "a", and the boy with "b". Just for known, a and b are a good muslim. So, they trying to keep their attitude and their heart. In the beginning, "a" seldom care about "b", but it didn't happen for a long time, then she often stare at him and care about him. She ever thought that the boy often stare at her, but in the real, it didn't happen. One day, she heard bad news about the boy, "b" was closer to another girl. It was a really bad news, and the girl is one of best friend of "a". "A" was so disappointed to him. After several time, "a" and "b" chatted inadvertently. "b" told "a" that he wanted to change, etc, and "b" confessed that he has done a wrong things with a girl (another girl). But, evidently, that girl knew their chat, so, that girl was so angry, disappointed and may be... sad. Fall in sadness. After several time,"b" changed, he became a  better boy but they often chat, and "a" has a more "feeling" to "b", and "a" doesn't know how about "b"'s feeling but she don't want to really know it. A simple story, right?

(-ToT-) Hm?

Do you know? Now I really like make some posting on the facebook! You've known that I really adore to flower and rose >///< So, almost everyday I post a pic of vintage, floral, etc with a good quote.


Let's go to a important topic!

Have you known about my plan to study then? Medical school! I got a friend from FK UNPAD and I really get a good news from her! :D Do you know? I'm 3 grade of SHS, do you know what I mean? This is the last year for me in SHS >o<) Bismillaah... Allah will always give the best for me!
I think that's enough for this posting. Hope I remember to continue it :)