Apr 9, 2011

LIQO and my new expectation?http://www.smileycodes.info

Bismillaahirrohmanirrohim, Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullohi wa barakatuh (-'0'-)/
HELLO YA! みんな-さん、こんばんは
Kaifa haluk? How r u? O genki desu ka?
I hope you all are ok! (-'w'-)b

Uhm, I want to tell ya about an exchange student programs. One of my JHS friend, Nadia has told me about that. I really interested about it. I wanna join it! That's AFS, but I prefer 2 another programs, those're YES and JENESYS to AFS, ufufu because, JENESYS is ES program to Japan, my favorite country and YES is ES program to US. Why US? Because their goal held this program is to know about Moslem country.

Why do I want to try to join these programs?  Because, I want to learn from my own experience (I can make friends with foreign people, etc.), I wanna try to live in abroad and the important thing is I want to know the tests of it. Because... I wanna take a college in abroad. Allahumma A~min (-'''o'''-)

Bismillah, I wanna try this, Yaa Allah, please help and make it easy.
Today, I come to Liqo in my JHS, I got a new knowledge! I really happy and thank to Allah 'bout that.
It about 'ikhlas' and discuss about false minds of people about ikhlas.
Then, I play UNO card with my friends! Uhm, now, I think, Liqo is food for my heart and my 'ruhiyah'. Alhamdulillah...

My homework and exam are rising back! (_ _") <-- Just for information hehehe
The bad news is I got a moneter crisis, hehehe (O... we can't laugh for this problem) I must buy Thifan clothes, ROHIS jacket, my friend's gift, and I want to buy crochet brooches!!!

Uhm... I wanna learn about crocheting more and knitting too.
Ok, I think that's enough, thanks, syukron jiddan!

Wassalam, ファイト!

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