May 27, 2013

MasyaAllah... Hamdulillah, hamdulillah, hamdulillah:)))) O Allah thank you for everything, you always make me happy. So many happiness in this world. I hope in Your Jannah too, O Allah!
For my friends, hope Allah changes to the better one:)))


Doumo arigatou gozaimasu O Allah,
fight on,


May 25, 2013

Beautiful little thing called "my life"

Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakaatuh fellas! How's life? genki desu ka?
Hamdulillah if your life is beautiful... Um, me? Um, recently, I really feel so worst. I make many sins. But, everytime Allah always show me His kindness, masyaAllah... Thank you O Allah:))) Hope Allah always admonish us for our-every-mistakes before in aheerat. Now, I also really wanna be a true muslimah, good daughter, good sister and good friend. And I have a big hope to "pass away" in the best condition as mukminah. Syahid and husnul khaatimah. Allahumma aamiin.

Okay, so how about your national exam, huh? Hamdulillah... I really thank Allah to every-best-thing that Allah always give to me! Hamdulillaaah:) And hope there's no "an arrogant" in my heart. Aamiin, aamiin:) Yaa Allah, please help me~
This is also reminds me to 3-yrs-ago, in this blog I wrote about my result of national exam when I was in junior high school! O, the time felt so fast! SubahanAllah~

O Allah, I don't know anything, and You are the only one who know everything.. Give me the best from You, and show me the signs, please..

Arigatou, fight on!


May 13, 2013

There's a little thing that make you feel sad, and you focus on it. Then, you forget many happiness that you've gotten! Pathetic. Be happy, hamdulillah:))))))) Thanks Allah!

May 12, 2013

Just wanna share a beautiful du'aa:
"Allahumma laa tu aakhiznii mimmaa yaquulun, waj'alni khairan mimmaa yazunnuun waghfirlii khairan mimmaa laa ya'lamuun."

O Allah, don't make me worse than what-people-talked, and make me better than what-people-thought, and forgive me from what-people-do not know.

I don't know how people think about me, but, I really wanna say, I'm not as good as you think. And... I just wanna be a true muslimah and loved by my lord, Allah. Wallahu'alam.