Oct 23, 2011

A few facts about me

Assalamu'alaykuuuuuum wa Rahamatullohi wa Barokaatuh fellas!
I'm back!
I just have realized that senior high school stories are so gorgeous! I think the perfect one is in junior high school, but in fact I'm wrong. Now, I'm in second grade of High School in a school. I feel so relief and glad because I study at my school. I've got some cool experiences, the important one is rohis. I have many best friend there. I love them because Allah. I do something because Allah, and receive support from them. Moreover, I join OSIS committee because rohis. but I'm wrong, it must because Allah, not rohis. But..... but, but, and but. There are many problems too! And one of those problems is happening now. I can't tell here. Um, do u know about Somalia problem? That is one of end-day signs from Allah! MasyaAllah~

Out of topic: Now, I like many things, such as:
1. Pastel Colours (I just have known about this word but I have liked it before)
2. Vintage Treasures
3. Floral Goods or Things
4. Ribbons
5. Roses
6. Pretty Brooches

I wanna tell many things, but I don't know how the way to tell...
Okay, I think that's enough

Wassalam, ファイト!

A Risepad